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The MOST Horrible and Irresponsible Parcel company I ever experienced

Order reference: P2G16536742

I sold item on Ebay for £149. I booked Parcel2go courier online and paid for it. My parcel was picked up by the Yodel courier on Wednesday the 20th November 2013. I told the driver that I could not view the barcode label (on my PC) to print & stick on the parcel. Is there going to be a problem ? He said its fine it happens and wrote the barcode on my parcel in front of me.

Monday 25th November , I got a message from the buyer asking if I know where his parcel is. I checked on the online tracking on Parcel2go and it said it was in transit.
20/11/2013 20:17:00 In transit VAUXHALL SERVICE CENTRE

Thursday 28 November 2013, the buyer messaged me again as he still hasn't received it. I called Parcel2go 0871 number which costs money and spoke to a representative, all she said was they will update me between 24-48 hours. Monday (2 Dec 2013) came, still no emails as it's been more than 24-48 hours. so tried my luck again, called their 0871 no and spoke to a representative named Diane and she sent me a claim form to fill up so they can start investigation & find out where my parcel was. I decided to fill in the CLAIMS form. The claims were being reviewed and I had to submit proof of how much this buyer paid on Ebay, proof of collection and proof that he did not receive it.

I was very stressed out by this time. On Wednesday 4 Dec 2013 I called again as even after filling up the form I did not hear anything from them. The same agent Diane spoke to me and told me to give them 5 days after filling up Claims form and should expect a definite reply by Monday. Monday came 9 Dec 2013 but I did not hear anything from them I again called the 0871 to find out what was the progress then a representative called Adam assured me that I will get a reply by 5:30 pm and I asked him if not then what time they close he said that they close same time at 5:30 pm. I waited but no reply even after 5:30 pm. I again called the next day 10 Dec 2013 on 0871 number and spoke to somebody called Lauren and she told me she will refer my case to claims and will tell them to call me.

I received a call from Claims Dept and they said they will get back to me after finding out about the parcel. In the meanwhile I wrote an email to a lady I met few days ago somewhere who works for Yodel if she can do me a favour & finds out about my parcel. She too confirmed that last time it was scanned at Vauxhall Service Centre. At the same time the buyer is after me sending me email after email that he has waited for 3 weeks and wants his refund. The lady in Yodel told me that she tried but cannot find anything as the parcel is not Vauxhall Service Centre.

I did not receive any call from Parcel2go and received an email offering me a compensation of £20 as they consider the big parcel weighing 27 kgs as LOST. So either I can accept or reject the offer this is the only solution they offer.

Now my question is if the parcel was last scanned at Vauxhall Service Centre then where the parcel has disappeared to ? The parcel must be somewhere or one of Yodel staff had stolen the parcel. It had a barcode on it so how come it cannot be located ?

The feeling and impression I got from Parcel2go staff was that they were not bothered about a customer making queries about the parcel. They offered £20 compensation where the goods were worth £200.

I must be crazy to even look at their website ever again.

I have refunded the buyer his money. My item is lost and I lost the money too.

Its unbelievable for me to see all these 5 star ratings! They are very NON PROFESSIONAL and VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICES. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND ANYBODY TO USE PARCEL2GO EVER.
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    Reply from Parcel2go

    Good afternoon,

    Thank you for your review on Trustpilot.

    We are very sorry to hear that you have received unsatisfactory service from us.

    I would like to take this opportunity to investigate your order.

    If you would be so kind as to email me at I will be more than happy to help.

    Kind Regards

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