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£52.95 Sent parcel abroad 5 days ago and tracking info says London

1. October - Sent a 2kg parcel to St Petersburg, Russia by Global Priority at a cost of £49.20 on 10th October 2012 and they did not receive my parcel until 26th October 2012 as my friend contacted me on the day they got it as i told them i was worried because the tracking infomation was a load of rubbish and told me nothing apart from its in London, The tracking info never changed and still show London once it was collected in St petersburg, Russia.
Infomation from parcelforce is it should take 6days (see below) but it had taken 16 days, so angry as I paid extra for this service.
Area Delivery PO Box
130100 Moscow 5 days Yes
All regional cities of Moscow, 603000 Nizhnii Novgorod, 170000 Tver, 190000 St. Petersburg. 6 days Yes
AREA1 11 days Yes
I also made a mistake by trusting customer services to give them a second chance, Never again, See other review for December!! Never again!!!I

2. December - paid £52.95 to send a parcel abroad to Russia to get there by Boxing day as i had just missed the deadline for getting gifts by Christmas day!
Parcel sent on 19th December 2012 and it has been sat at the London Heathrow since 21th December 2012 at 10:41am therefore my item is not going to get there on time, Which is why I paid the extra money in the first place.
I contacted customer services who were very helpful and have phoned me back twice but no one knows why my parcel is still showing on the tracking infomation as in LHR and to make matters worse, they cannot tell me where my parcel is. What is the point in paying for Global express to track my item and get it there on time when the tracking info is a load of rubbish and my item is not going to get there by the so-called guaranteed date.
Customer services said the parcel should arrive by 27th December 2012 but when I ask is my parcel still in London, they could not answer me or tell me where my parcel is.
Since I contacted parcelforce my tracking info has now been updated which looks like they have just made it up as it now says "23:20 LHR Received at destination" Well my parcel should be in Russia but it says Location LHR (London Heathrow) and if my parcel really is in Russia , the time there is + 4 hours than Great Britain so that is impossible because its 18:20 in GB +4hrs = 22:20, I now think they are just making up the tracking information and no clue where my item is!!!
Tracking Info- Date Time Location Tracking Event
24-12-2012 23:20 LHR Received in destination country
21-12-2012 10:41 LHR Forwarded to delivery depot
21-12-2012 07:36 STN Received in destination country
20-12-2012 20:34 STN Forwarded to delivery depot
20-12-2012 19:55 STN Forwarded to delivery depot
20-12-2012 19:34 STN Left origin country
20-12-2012 19:32 STN Forwarded for export
20-12-2012 13:07 Liverpool South Depot Collected from customer
19-12-2012 17:35 WDM Online
not a clue why they would send my item to standsted and the tracking info also says "Received at Destination country " twice which is also mission impossible. Never again, will I send anything through these cowboys and I wish I had lOOked at the reviews here first!
No more chances left !!! TWO is enough!!!

Update- Last Tracking info show still in London on 25/12/2012 with Received in destination country and customer services told me it will be there by 27th December 2012 which is today, 4 hours ahead in Russia and contacted my friend, !!!! shock !horror ! GASP!!! NOT RECEIVED IT!!!

Update- 31th December 10:37 My Item still not delivered after 12days and I contacted the MD office, The person I spoke to was more concerned about how I got their number as I should not have been given it by cusomer services, I told her the problems I'm having and she was not listening and tried to fob me off and give me a complaints phone number to ring, I refused and kept talking so she took my Tracking number and tried to put the blame onto the Russian Customs even though I had already been told my parcel had left russian customs on 25th December(this is not xmas day in Russia, Holiday, Xmas day 7th Dec In Russa) and passed onto their parnters which are Fedex. She then just fobbed me off as this seems to be Parcefarce's policy and got me to phone another number, So now I have contacted them 6 times and they have now said they will find my parcel and phone me back, I rang at 10:37 31th December and still no phone call!!
UPDATE - Item Delivered on 5th January. Parcelforces excuse was FEDEX Russia had only half of the address because FEDEX had wriiten over the full address I had given them in Russian and in English!!
paid 52.95 for Express 1kg parcel which was suppose to be delivered by the Guaranteed time of a week and it has taken lots of phone calls , chasing them, and it was delivered in 16 days!
Tracking Info still showsl in London and being processed , no signature that it was received in Russia on the 5th Jan 2013, WHATS THE POINT IN HAVING A TRACKING SERVICE PARCELFORCE?? IF YOU CAN'T USE IT !!
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