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Stay well clear if you need to send a parcel off AND do not wish to lose your money!!
Never ever use these people they will rip you off (if this company exists at all)!
They also trade under the name 'Nextday2go'.
I've contacted Watchdog and also got an appointment with the Citizens Advice Consumer Service.
I booked a collection for my parcel 2 days in advance, on the day they were supposed to collect they sent a 'note' asking me to confirm the delivery address (there was no field or link to actually fill the address in AGAIN), which I duly did by responding to the email, within 2 hours of receiving their message, I also asked if anybody would still be coming that day.
Nobody turned up, and neither did anybody respond to my emails (by then I had send several emails via 'Contact Us' on their website AND direct emails).
There is no telephone number or contact address or any names, neither on their website nor in their PayPal account or in their emails, so I was totally unable to contact them personally.
They then after 6 days (!) sent me another 'note' (again, to which I was unable to respond directly), telling me at 11.50am that a driver will collect that very same day!?
And if there was a failure to collect, they'd charge me £10.
Needless to say, my parcel had meanwhile gone (via a reliable courier).
They seriously expected me to stay inside my house waiting for their driver to turn up a week later than booked!

My tracking number (which works on both sites) is: PFA777121B120A36AA4C29.

So, as you can see, I booked them on the 29th of October to be collected on the 31st of October 2012, and then they contacted me on the 6th of November (1 week after booked date), telling me they'd collect ON THE VERY SAME DAY.
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