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They proved to be rubbish... but complaining in the right manner helps.

Your have professionally demonstrated to be incapable to match user expectations.

I booked a parcel collection on Sunday the 28th of July. Everything has been confirmed and the money have been collected from the credit card.

On the collection date, Friday the 2nd at 13:00 I phone to know where the courier is, and they say they can't tell as the collection window is from 9am to 6pm ... (right because I don't have anything else to do during the day, nor the person that is waiting at home ... yeah you are the only person you are working I know... we just waste our time waiting for the courier to come).

At 14:00 they phone me and leave me a message saying that unfortunately the courier phoned them saying it couldn't go ... we need to rearrange.

I phone back for getting clarifications, and they say they don't know anything about it and they will let me know.

After 1 hour, at 16:04 I wasn't still in the position to know
a) whether they were coming, most probably not
b) the reason why they are not coming, they have had 5 working days to arrange the collection (not 5 minutes)
c) when they are pleased to come and pick my parcel

a) I have already paid for a service that so far is a fail
b) They have rescheduled the pickup for Monday, but I haven't been told at what time they will come to pick the parcel up ... because again the time frame was so huge that somebody else will have to stay at home waiting for a courier schedule that cannot be revealed in advance so to minimise customer's disease.
AH YES ... I forgot to say that I'M the customer ... the courier is not.

Today, it's Monday and guess what. My wife phoned again to check at what time the courier is coming. ParcelHero confirmed nobody will come because the pickup has not been scheduled.

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UPDATE 06/08/2013: After this complain went live, a person got in touch with my wife and a new fast collection has been arranged with a second courier.
So far the parcels are at Heathrow waiting to fly to Italy.
Will update again the review to let everybody knows what the situation looks like.

UPDATE 09/08/2013: Parcel have arrived to destination in a decent time. I'm now happy.

I would recommend the guy to pay more attention to their customer, as they should be treated fairly. If a courier miss the pickup for some reason, both email and telephone phone call should be used.
In my circumstance, even though I have received a phone call no email have been sent. Even though the person rebooked on the phone, no email with the new date has been sent. It's of primarily importance to leave proof of what the agreements are.
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