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Crooks and Idiots

They are a Company that needs to listen and take note of what people say and change their ways

Looking at all the reviews concerning Paypal, they should start to listen what people say.

My story is a bit long but I will try and keep it as short as possible.

I run a company and gave my partner some stock to sell to clear a debt between us and for her to make abit of extra money. All was going well on Ebay until these uneducated, unhelp and unprofessional people decided that she was a business and not an individual, so they requested all sorts of paperwork asking her where the goods had come from and did she have the right to sell them on Ebay. What where they implying?

Paperwork was submitted proving that she was an individual and I even sent them paperwork proving that I had given her the items with clear title, but that was not good enough.

Now her Paypal Account has been limited and she has to wait 180 Days for her money back, who keeps the interest, they do! Sadly she has now got to deal with some buyers raising cases and getting her money cleared because they have not received their items, a joke because they were sent by courier and tracked, instead of talking to the buyer and get the case closed YOU have to ask Paypal to resolve it and that is a pain.

These people need to be regulated like our UK banks and not just make decisions at the drop of a hat. Their customer service departments are rude and unwilling to deal with your dispute, same with Ebay as well, they like to tell you many a different tale.

Maybe it needs people to vote with their feet and if necessary take the action required to make them sit up and listen. I am sure the FSA would be interested in their attitude!

I am sure that many more sellers / buyers will have bad experiences with Paypal, they are a law to themselves. If you can use another cheaper payment gateway and avoid these crooks, then do so, at least they are regulated profesional bodies.

Thanks for reading this and I hope that our story will help
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