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Almost too quick

I ordered my new monitor at 11:45 am and was just about to shower the next morning when it arrived amazing

Having read a lot of reviews about this monitor i had dismissed it then reding more reviews went back to favouring it and evetually decieded to buy it

I was concerned that it would not come with all the cables that are shipped direct from Dell but sure enough it did

I have ordered a new pc from Dell and delivery is a week away so i deciede to run this monitor with my ageing XP computer it was plug and play

My graphics card con only reach 2048 and my pc only has a VGA socket but the quality of the screen is wonderful cant wait to see what it will be like when the new pc arrives and i can use the DVI lead

The Dell soundbar i wanted the AY511 was not available so i bought the cheaper AY510 which is rather disappointing but searching the web i dont think Dell are making the 511 but if they make a better one i will certanly upgrade

As for pcbuyit brilliant
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