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Be Warned

Be Warned!

I write this letter to try and explain and show how poorly PC World treats its customers. Their customer service is diabolical and unfit for purpose. It takes ages to be answered and when eventually answered they cut you off, especially when you ask to speak to someone more senior or they just pass you on. Every time you start from scratch trying to explain the problem and each time you either get lied to, treated with contempt, or simply get told another story. As for contacting by e-mail they simply get lost and/or ignored! So I urge everyone to take note before deciding to make a purchase from this company .I have since found my experience is only one of many that shows why it is rated so low by its own customers. My family and I would certainly never be using them again!
My Experience:
I was always a little concerned but it was the only company that claimed to have stocks of my daughter’s Christmas present to-be: ‘A Nexus 7 32GB Tablet’. So on the 26th Dec: 2012 I tried to order and collect one from my local store in one hour .Note: It was only half way through the transaction that I found that in fact; the one hour collection was in fact no longer available. I would have to wait and receive one by post guaranteed on the site 31st Dec: 12. As I could not find when stocks would be in stores I placed this order. - A Massive Mistake!

On the 29th December I noticed the local stores were now in stock, so I rang Customer Services to see if I could change from delivery to collect in store as my order had not been fully processed yet. Note unlike some other firms my card had been already charged though and I was refused this option! I was informed my card would take 3 days to be reimbursed and as the advisor who I spoke to sounded very ‘charming’ and guaranteed that it would be delivered on the 31st. I left the order as it was. I asked his name, he quickly replied with short name that I had never heard of and that was that-Or So I Thought!!

The 31st December my daughter was excited and I got up early ready for the “GUARANTEED DEL’Y,”
It was when I had waited in most of the day that I tried to contact Customer Services again to find out where my delivery was. Eventually I got through only to find out I had been conned and the person from the 29th was a liar, in fact I was told that his first name was : ”Brian”, according to the information that customer service could see. In fact when I repeated what he had said to me. I was told not to worry as he would be reprimanded for his actions. - “Another lie?” By this time I was very angry with all the wasted time and phone calls and still no ‘Nexus 7’ for my daughter, so I told this operative (Laura) to cancel my order and refund my card asap. She agreed to do this and just to make sure I sent an email via my account stating this very clearly. An end to it? No only the beginning!

Firstly instead of sending me notification of cancellation etc I received an email notification of exchange! As they were unable to supply me in the first place why on earth would you expect me to return something that had not even been sent out and in fact had been cancelled? Except of course: to punish me for cancelling the order, to keep my money as long as possible and cost me a fortune in phone calls, interest on credit card etc. That doesn’t even mention all the hours emailing, phoning, waiting in unnecessarily, which has ruined my families Christmas! Note as soon as I received this notification I questioned it but was only told “the computers were playing up so just ignore the e- mail. As you can see Lie was following lie after lie!!
Nina Rowe a manager at PCW eventually agreed that as the parcel had not been sent to Royal mail yet, then she would be able to get back to me and send me a notice of cancellation and refund but I had to still wait in and refuse to accept the delivery, even though it hadn’t even been sent!.
At present on my account my original order still shows up with money being paid and no cancellation. This was queried before to many times to count, by many emails and phone calls. As for the emails they suddenly went missing and all the people at Customer service were either: impossible to contact, plain rude, unhelpful and all giving different stories and explanations. I cannot be bothered writing any more at the moment as all the tress caused by this has made me so frustrated that I have been made ill. If the company actually wants to keep its customers then I suggest you start listening to people, stop telling lies and eliminate certain members of its staff. Oh and of course reply to email. Contacting PC World is a nightmare and practically impossible Also, it’s amazing how after complaining my telephone number
started receiving countless anti -social calls from withheld and international sources- Just like last time when Curry’s where involved.

Note: Since this review I sent a copy of my phone bill, eventually receiving an apology of sorts, with an offer to ‘reimburse the cost of the hours of phone calls to them pcWorld eventually agreed to send a cheque and an e mail was received confirming it had been sent on the 20th January 2013. But it is March now and I am still waiting for the cheque and also an answer to an my email informing them of this.
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