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Totally Clueless about products and aggressively ignorant and Underhanded


I recently bought a set of headphones at the Pcworld in the City, I asked for some assistance as i wanted to buy some good quality headphones. The lady who offered to help me pick out the right ones had NO idea about the products, but this did not discourage her from pointing to all of the most expensive items on the shelf. I would usually chalk this up to this not being her forte or department and give her the benefit of the doubt that she was just trying to make do with what she did know.

But the factually inaccurate claims she made about features of the products which simply weren't true were dangerous to a company with such a bad reputation in retail.
I thought that gently pointing out that maybe she was getting the various models didn't actually feature the ability to do what she was claiming they would, in some way might help.

e.g. she claimed that a specific brand had detachable cabling, I pointed out that another model had that feature but the box she was pushing into my hands didn't have any such ability.

She rather forcefully told me I was wrong and even when conceding the fact that i might be, and asking her to show me on the demo model (in order to help her save face) , she claimed that a better version of the brand she was pushing at me would probably have detachable cording. She then went on to say that I should buy those anyway because "most of the others are" ....and i quote "Shit anyway".

I selected a different pair, one that I read the box to find the requirements she was unable to and took it to the counter, I tried to purchase the item from someone else on the desk as i found her manner rude and arrogant and actually didn't want to speak to her again. Instead she barged in to the till in front of the lady serving, claiming me as a customer. (I dont know if the work on commission, but this aint how you earn it.)

She took my card from the chip&pin machine and placed it behind the counter before telling me to wait while she checked the stock on the item i was trying to buy. She left for a good 7 minutes leaving me stranded at the counter with a perfectly acceptable boxed product in my hand.

She took so long that they started serving the que behind me that was building up.
When she returned she returned with the same make and model as the headphones I had selected only in a rather beaten up box. I asked why she was bringing that box down, her justification was that i was unlikely to keep the box anyway..

Great I thought, you waste my time so you can palm off a product thats a bit too shitty to put on the shelves.

Anyway, the final Insult was when she scanned the beaten up box the price came out to almost 3 times the cost of the headphones I had selected, she was very quick to put my card into the reader and run up the sale .

I pointed out that the price was wrong.
No its not, thats what they cost. I pointed to the pricetag, it didn't match up.
On inspection of the till readout, I notice her remove a piece of paper that had been clumsily attached over the barcode on the box.
She had scanned the barcode for the very expenssive headphones she had been pushing earlier, from a docket that she was now holding in her hand.

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