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Horrific. I refuse to step into that store again.

Hey, here's my review on PC world. I would try 0.5/5 but I can't...

Skip to second paragraph for current opinion.

This review comes late but I want to state my opinion. Starting with the first PC I bought from them, a HP netbook. The server with the netbook in the store was good and very helpful (I was quite young at the time) and we bought a year "Whatever happens" insurance. Well, in 3 days, I couldn't hear audio at all and I called them, took them 10 minutes to figure out I deleted my sound drivers somehow, it worked. I thought their customer service was mediocre at best back then. About a year later, my screen got a crack in it, so I bought a MacBook Pro from the store, trouble free. My laptop got sent for repair and took them 2 weeks to repair, still got it with me.

Ok, now here is where the review turns for the worse and is my current opinion.
After buying my MacBook Pro, a year later, my charger stopped working, starting with it being on a red light meaning charging but my MacBook stayed at 31% charge, it worked to keep my laptop on so whilst I could do that, the next day I borrowed my cousins charger (she has exact laptop as I do) and hers worked so I would know what to call PC world about. I called them, and they held me twice for 5 minute intervals then said they would receive it (because I had whatever happens) and it would take 2 weeks for repair because "my battery was broken". I kept saying to them "No, it isn't broken, I tested it with another MacBook charger I borrowed, it isn't broken, all I would like is because I purchased this insurance, you could come to my house and replace my charger."
They kept insisting that it was broken and I just gave in because I wouldn't be able to use my laptop without the charger with it on such low power anyway. It took them 2 weeks like they said and I got a new charger, but I was not satisfied because it only takes 10 minutes to test if a new charger would work and just put it in the list of delivering back.

2 weeks later from when I received it again, I noticed on my screen, there was a red mark that looked like a very distorted semi big "Z" that was in the middle and was quite visible on a black background. it bugged me that I had it so I sent it in. They said it was screen burn and would take 2 weeks to repair. From the day I sent it (27th January 2012) it arrived on the 13th of February, little longer than I thought. I left the background on black and.... nothing. I called them about what is going on and they said "its because you didn't give us your password" even though I stuck a piece of paper with it on next to the trackpad. SO, THEY DIDN'T EVEN LOOK AT MY LAPTOP!

I sent it in again, took them a month, no fix. My parents were furious when I told them about it so they wrote a formal complaint and wrote the Sales of Good act on the letter too. Took them 2 weeks to respond, and a month to fix. I don't have any problems with my laptop anymore.


Bad customer service
Takes ages to buy
Horrible insurance
Generally bad
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