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Was my splitter opened by the dog?

What 'great' customer service in Kidderminster. I went in because my router was cutting out when I got phone calls and wondered if I needed a new modem. The manager referred me to a store helper who said I needed a new splitter, probably. I was told to return it if it didn't make things better and get a modem. Well I did this after I found out the splitter didn't work to solve the problem. This was one week later and as I had £22 left over on my store card I brought it back into the shop and handed them the receipt, the open packet for the splitter (worth 7.99 their price but parts wise not much) and handed it all over neatly. They call over the manager and he says and I quote directly.

'Did you get your dog to open this? How are we meant to resell this?'

Yes, this packaging was a small rip open packet, akin to a pack of crisps, with a TEAR line built into it. They tried to say I should have used scissors. I asked if they really were expected to resell it with the packaging ripped and they said they can't get it repackaged. (A barefaced lie so far as I can tell.)

Well at that point I nearly told them where to go but they had my by the balls cos of the money on the storecard left over from a gift I was given (purchased from them, a printer that died within 6 months... quality.... not). I told them no-one told me that I needed to keep the packaging in like new condition to return it and they knew it was possible that I would have to return it if it didn't solve the problem and they hadn't said.

As I simmered down and they processed the order I said I was sorry for their trouble because I hadn't known about the resale packaging issue.

'Well now you know, DON'T you.'

That is what they said. Frankly I would never buy a packet of tic tacs from them again. They must realise my chances of giving PC World any money again is zero.

1. The printer was a pile of crap that died within 6 months and I got my refund only because of purchased warranty/insurance.

2. The splitter was sold to me on the understanding that I would bring it back if it didn't solve the problem with my no questions asked return policy. No one said 'We don't repackage, so be careful how you open.' - I hasten to add these splitters parts wise and cost to them is about £1.50 if that, maybe less.

So why the issue with the product being opened? Why the bad attitude?

I will be avoiding in future.

N.B. My mother purchased the same kind of printer a month or so before getting mine. Hers is now dead too and like mine does everything BUT accept paper and print.

Sorry but I expect better. Will shop online in future.


Postscript: The splitter in question is available on ebay for £2.99 suggesting that it is worth a good deal less than that.
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