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More hassle than it's worth...

If I could have given it less than one star I would have.

I had taken my laptop in to get it serviced as, despite there being nothing wrong with it in the first place, I was paying £9 a month for their "Repair and Protect" service and felt, after over a year, it was about time I used it (I was also heading home for summer the next week and would be over 50 miles from my nearest PC World so thought it would be better safe than sorry).
After taking it in on Saturday 11th May, I collected it again on the Monday morning and took it back to my flat, having been told by the man working at the desk that nothing was wrong with it.
I turned it on, expecting - if anything - it would be running better/faster than before due to it's upgrade.

You can imagine my frustration and anger as, when I turned my laptop on, it would not load anything for over 10 minutes, and when it did it was slower than my mothers 10 year old computer (that sounds like an airplane taking off)! I tried shutting it down and restarting it - but this time it wouldn't do anything at all!!

I took it back to the store and asked what was going on - a laptop that was fine two days ago doesn't suddenly stop working - and the guy (the same one who gave me my laptop back) pushed a few buttons on the keyboard and told me that "Something definitely isn't right... You're computer says it's running 8 Chrome's and that obviously isn't true." So he said he would take a look at it and call me.
An hour later, I got a call to say that my hard drive was failing, and they would have to send it away to be fixed!

As a student, this was almost unthinkable - 10 days without my laptop?

I asked how my hard drive could possibly be failing when there was absolutely nothing wrong with it when I put it in to get serviced. Apparently if you drop your laptop, it can affect the hard drive.
Now, I don't know who goes around dropping their laptops, but it certainly isn't me - my laptop sits on my desk 95% of the time anyway - therefore it must have been THEM who dropped my laptop and therefore caused my hard drive to "fail".
Not that they would admit to such a thing.

Anyway, my laptop had to be sent away to be repaired...And I was offered the chance to have my files backed up onto a disc drive which I needed as my documents for uni were on it - £22.99 was apparently the cheapest one they had that would fit all of my stuff on it - and as I didn't have my own hard drive I had no other option but to take it...)

The other problem was, I was moving home for summer to work - over 3 hours drive away - and would be leaving in 2 days. I asked if they could send it to my home address (they had it on the record because I had this "repair and protect" service) and I was told that wouldn't be a problem.
I went in to PC World the next day - to pay for the hard disc drive - And while in I asked the woman who was serving me if she could check that the laptop would definitely be sent to my home address
(a reasonable enough request, but you would have thought I'd asked her to hike up to Ben Nevis and do the Highland fling...)
So once she had checked it and confirmed I would have my laptop delivered to me at my home within 10 days I paid for my hard disc drive and went home.
9 days later (11 since I had lost my laptop) I had a text message through (one of those awful automated ones) reminding me that my laptop would be ready for collection from store the next day.
I thought, as it was an automated one, it may just be a mistake, so I went online to find out how to contact PC World to see what was actually happening, and finally found an "enquiry" form - filled it out and was told I would be contacted within the next 24 hours.
The next day I had another automated message saying my item was ready for collection...
(There was no response to my enquiry I made online)
So I went back online to try and find another contact method, found a phone number, and gave them a call.
Imagine my utter DELIGHT (sarcasm) when I was told that my laptop had been delivered back to the store (3 hours away from where I was now living).
After me taking it in for a service with nothing wrong
Having to pay for a hard disc drive (£22.99)
AND being told TWICE that my laptop would be delivered to me at my home address...
The woman on the phone I was put through to transferred me to the store my laptop was now sitting at and the woman on the other end of the phone (obviously having woken up on the wrong side of the bed and coming off a long shift with a short fuse) told me that she didn't know it was to be sent to my address but that she would send it out the next day and it would be with me the following week (16 days after putting my laptop in for a service) she then asked for the names of the people that I spoke to when in the store (unfortunately I couldn't remember them - although I did give her a description and she seemed to know who I was talking about).

So, Monday 24th May came around - and after getting the automated messages of "The KNOWHOW team will be with you..." and taking the day off of work so I could be in the house to collect it.

No laptop.

I called that night, only to find out that, as it was an English bank holiday they were closed.
Called the next morning to find out what was happening - thinking that, as they were taking the bank holiday off that maybe there was no deliveries (despite the messages).

Only to find out my laptop was STILL IN THE STORE.

They had not sent it out.

The woman I was speaking to didn't put me through to the store, but said that they (the store) would call me to tell me what was happening with my laptop.
This was fine for me, as it had already cost me £10 to find out that my laptop was no where near to being delivered. (it's an 0844 number - I didn't know they charged and it was worse for me as I had had to use my mobile).
After a long shift at work, I realised I had not been called back, so once again I had to call THEM.
Apparently the store had sent my laptop off, but didn't want to have to deal with telling me this. (Probably because of the fact it was supposed to have been sent off 5 days ago)
So, I once again asked - "When will I have my laptop back?" and the woman put me through to another department - only for the guy on the other end of the phone to look up my history or whatever it was - and in a completely baffled voice ask ME what was going on.
Apparently the folk at the store had sent it BACK to the WAREHOUSE for it to THEN be delivered out to ME.
This was getting ridiculous - and I told the guy that - And he completely agreed with me.
He told me that he would try and find a way to get my laptop to me quicker than the 3rd June (23 days after putting it in for a service now - absolutely not on by this point) only for him to come back and say that unfortunately "due to the area you live in" the next available delivery date was the 3rd June - 6 days away.
I thanked the guy and tried to continue on with life (by this point I had university stuff I had to do, and no way to do it).

Monday 3rd June came - took the day off work and waited for a delivery - NO LAPTOP.

Once again I called up and asked - none too politely by this point - what was going on...
Only to be told that they only deliver in my area on a Friday - so they had no idea why I had been told Monday!
I asked "If it's not a stupid question, why was my laptop not delivered last Friday then?"
The only response from them was "No, no, it's not a stupid question..." - didn't TELL ME WHY though......

I had to ask them to change the delivery address to my work address - I had already missed 3 days of work waiting for nothing, I wasn't about to do it again!
They muttered and mawwed over it but eventually the address was changed.

So, Friday 7th June (yesterday):
I have never been so happy to see a delivery van as I was then.
Finally I had my laptop back! (although, thanks to the hard drive "failing" I have nothing but a restored laptop - no photos, documents, history - nothing).
AND my Norton (which I paid extra for) has been removed and replaced with McAfee - utter crap - and my Microsoft office stuff's been removed as well!!
Who knows what else isn't on here any more...

It only took 4 weeks,
£31 in calls,
£22.99 for the hard disc drive,
One missed deadline for University,
and 3 days off of work (roughly £170 in wages)

My advice?
The laptop may run well, but the store staff leave a lot to be desired (unless they're taking your money), they are not organised in any fashion, and although it is only £9 a month - that's £126 so far from me, it adds up - and it so not worth it for all the hassle it has caused me.
And there has been no form of apology (except for the people in the call centre - and it's not even their fault anyway) or reimbursement offered in any way.

Don't bother wasting your money folks.

P.S. - Having just looked at my bank balance I am absolutely stunned and furious to see that the direct debit of £9 for last month came out - despite me NOT HAVING A LAPTOP.

PC World, you've just lost my custom - and anyone else's I speak to.
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