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I will not use again!!!(Original post)... 22/10/2011-I will now!!

This is the second time I have ordered from petplanet & unfortunately they have let me down again. I phoned petplanet on Friday 14th October as I needed the purchased items pretty quickly and was told if I ordered within the next 10 minutes it would be dispatched the same day.
I did this with time to spare and sat and waited for my expected package.
Phoned today 19th October just to question the whereabouts of items and was told, after some searching, that the parcel had been dispatched on the 18th as one of the items were out of stock.
My questions are:- Why advertise out-of-stock items?. If a certain item is running low then re-order in good time. Basic storekeeping tasks!!
Why hold back the rest of the order for one item?. I suspect a bit of penny pinching in respect of the p&p, which, is well overpriced at £3.99 and should go on weight of parcel.
Last time I ordered was much the same except I waited weeks for the order to be completed so despite the cheap prices it's simply not worth the wait. Very poor and I did allow them a 2nd chance but they will not get a 3rd!!!....Oh, and no doubt this message will be answered by the same automated responce that every other complaint receives, not good enough and a token gesture!!!

Update as of 22/10/2011.....................Got to say "fair play" to the staff of Petplanet as I have not only received a sympathetic reply from Yvonne Jack-Head of Customer Services (and not an automated one!!), but on 21/10/2011 from the MD himself.
I feel this has to be commended & also appreciate things do go wrong from time to time but on a personal level 2 out of 2 is a pretty bad average so why shouldn't I seek alternatives and give them a chance?

However, due to their excellent responces I am prepared to try again in the near future and take it from there.
There are clearly some problems but the calibre of the replies at least prove them to be worthy of another go.
Fingers crossed that all goes well and as a final comment to Petplan, I do not go out of my way to complain regarding my shopping experiences as you will see through my other ratings, but I simply tell it as it is (in my personal experience). I am always more than happy to give companies good ratings as well as bad, so its not a case of complaining for the sake of it!!.
Hope you get the glitches corrected & good luck to you. (Have changed the star rating above)
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    Reply from Petplanet

    Hi Stew. I am so sorry to hear of the problems encountered with both your orders. As I need to speak to other areas of the Company before I can reply in detail, I shall contact you again on Monday. In the meantime, please accept my sincere apologies for the apparent inconvenience you have been caused. And please be assured this is not an automated response. Kindest regards. Yvonne Jack (Head of Customer Services)
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