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For Ordering and delivery situation

Dear Sir / Madam
On Tuesday 15 October , I've a corset ordered your company and I've paid with PayPal. today 23 of October and my order still don't get it. by the way on Friday
18 October I made a call to Physioroom Center. the phone was ten minutes
later answered. on the phone was a female answered and she asked me,
'' where are you from'' and within five minutes. line tied up to a dutch man who made fun of me,number, and then gave me a Post delivery number, and
with the order number, I gone to the Tottenham central post office.but Post office staff said to me this number is wrong! and I went in difficulty to Post Center
because I'm disabled. after that I went back the other post office branch I have asked them too about my delivery packet they gave me a negative answer and
said the number is wrong. and I phoned Physioroom again. same dutch man answered on the phone, he said just a minute then I waited him for more than
5 minutes but he's not turned to me not any sound heard it and then my mobile phone turned off. I went to my house.I am disabled and I don't have any assistant.
and finally on that day I wrote you an emotional response because, I had difficulty on that day despite I being justified in this case, I apologize from you anyway. you really should not have written the answer hurtful. really , answer shouldn't be hurtful to, apologize you again.. I would now ask you again.I have need it my order corset submit my order in the short time please..I'm 64 y old a ex HGV and long distance Bus Driver after forty years I've been disabled. I live in difficult times,
kindly excuse me please.
Your Sincerely
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