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The same old trade despite the gloss....

Here's what I wrote (without result) after my last interaction with this company which produced nothing but an unfair bill for about £200 and an outrageous estimate for replacing my boiler:

Dear Sirs,

A few weeks ago I received excellent service from a roofing specialist you sent to my house. I was so impressed with this man that I chose to call your company when my boiler broke down, believing that I had found a company that had created a quality niche in the failed market that is the plumbing trade in the greater London area.

Your estimate for £13,572 for the fitting of two boilers costing about £1000 each is clearly outrageously expensive and the solution proposed seems very poor advice given that the existing installation worked in the past and that I have since been able to have the boiler replaced for about one third of this sum.

As to the first plumber's visit, I object to the charge made. He took the cover off, replaced it and turned off the supply valve. That was the sum total of the work performed, apart from writing an invoice that repeated what I had already told him in the briefing note. He did not open the combustion chamber or the heat exchanger to determine the feasibility or otherwise of fixing the appliance - this was just the sort of approach that I have come to expect from an industry that has seems to be prepared to take on only two categories of work - the quick and easy fix for £200 or so or the overpriced replacement installation.
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    Reply from Pimlico Plumbers

    Thank you very much for your feedback Mr. Weston.

    I am sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with the heating service and estimate provided in 2011.

    Each estimate we provide is catered to the size of the property and unique to each customer. The two boilers we proposed were discussed with you on site before we provided the estimation to which you understood and agreed to.

    There was extensive work involved and as it was not a straightforward boiler replacement, hence the costs were high. The install required modifications to the existing pipework and having to remove the existing flue and installing two flues to accommodate the new boilers.

    Once we had provided the estimate you had queried the cost with our team to which you were give a very detailed and thorough run down of the works proposed and had no further questions.

    Our costs are transparent as stated on the website. All materials have a 20% mark up. In addition to this the initial call out was chargeable. Our minimum charge is the first hour which covers fault, diagnosis and repair. However, the estimate we had provided was free.

    Our workmanship is of a high standard and all recommendations abide by Gas Safe regulations. We take careful consideration when estimating for our works to ensure all foreseeable problems are avoided. We also provide a guarantee for all our works.

    Should you wish to discuss this further, please do call and request to speak to me and I will be happy to look into this for you.

    Many thanks

    Kind regards

    Neeha Marahta
    Customer Service Manager
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