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Very unimpressed

I rang Pingo to set up an account, and assumed everything was OK. I had to send an email to verify my account, but never heard back from them. When I tried to use the service, it informed me that my account had been disabled. They would not respond to emails, and when eventually I got through to them on the phone, customer services were not able to help - they said I must email their verification team. As they do not respond to emails, there is no way I can make contact with them. I am left wondering what sort of a company that are now holding my contact details.

Bizarrely, I still keep getting promotional emails from imploring me to come back to Pingo, and even telling me that my account has been credited with £10, which I can't use. Are they going to take that from my account bank account - I hope not?
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    Reply from Pingo Phone Cards

    Tim Lloyd,

    Please note that its a holiday in the States and we are responding to try to address your concern. With out being able to look into your account it seems that you tried to create a new account which are system does not allow. Since it seems you had an account before. It seems like you just need help logging into your old account. pingoaccountverification /at/ p.i.n.g.o. dot com can assist you with this matter.

    - Customer Service

    9/13/12 Update:

    We did not get a response from this customer as requested. However after investigating, we were able to locate this account and activate it. It should work properly from this point on.
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