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5 stars is not high enough

Thank you for the events that your company put on for us.

I would recommend your company to anyone who was looking at having a stag do or just wanted a lads weekend away.
The 3 events we did where amazing. The Kalashnikov shooting was the best way to sober up you could ask for. We all wanted to do that again.

Kate our guide for the day was amazing an made our experience of Krakow even better. The steak and tits was just what it said on the tin.
Then to finish the day off with the night life tour.

Like I said before. Kate made the day out unforgettable, she spoke very good English was extremely helpful and her knowledge of the bars in Krakow was immense.
There where so many bars that we would of missed unless Kate took us in there.

If you would like any photos of our event I would be happy to supply them to you.

If I ever come back I will use your company again. But the only condition would be that I have kate as a guide again.
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