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Pray that nothing goes wrong

I bought my parents a Canon camera from Pixmania, after 3 months it started failing, after 4 it gave up the ghost completely. After multiple attempts to contact them I got through, they advised me to send the camera back to France as it was under "French warranty". I duly sent it back, paying the exorbitant postage which they won't refund, they then allegedly sent it back to Canon who apparently said that the camera was broken in such a way that it wasn't covered under warranty, I queried this and asked Pixmania to send me a copy of their report, they then informed me that to email me a copy would cost me around £20, I told them to stuff it. This whole process took about 3 months, they obviously had no intention of replacing the camera, I had already paid out for shipping to France, there was no way I was going to keep throwing good money after bad.
Good prices, if you're willing to risk the product failing and no customer services (and they do seem to fail an awful lot from what I can tell, I'd question whether they were refurbs frankly).
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    Reply from Pixmania

    Thank you for your review.
    Unless otherwise and clearly stated on the site as “good as new products “our products a brand new genuine products. If you should have a problem with your product within the first year of guaranty we will ask that you return the product for testing and repair.
    Should the product be deemed as “damaged” and not “faulty” we you will be offered three options. 1. Pay the cost of repair.
    2. Pay the administration and testing fee (19.99£) to have the item returned unrepaired.
    3. Abandon the product.
    Should the item have been faulty it will have either been repaired or if unable to be repaired a replacement will be sent out. At this time you will also be reimbursed for the return delivery costs.
    I would be happy to request information regarding the damage to the camera; this information should be available to all clients free of charge. The only charge that will be requested is for the administration and testing fee as stipulated in choice 2. Return unrepaired 19.99£.
    I would be happy to contact the repairs warehouse to find out further information for you and ask that you please contact me directly on rachel@pixmania.com with your CCL number.
    Best Regards
    Pixmania Mediator
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