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Nothing but impressed, unsure what other people's issues are.

I have used Pixmania twice in the past three years, and I've been nothing but impressed by them.

My first purchase three years ago, was a Samsung TV which explicitly told me it was a European plug (These idiots giving 1 star reviews because of a bloody plug really need to pull their heads out their rear-ends and LEARN TO READ EVERYTHING PROPERLY). Plus they even sell the converters for £2-£3 and is also recommended as an addition to the original purchase, I honestly have no faith in humanity sometimes if they can't read or pick up that hint.

Second purchase was on the 20th of December, I busted my headset and mouse...I work from home and these are essential to me, I ordered a RAT7 and a FREQ5 to which they promptly arrived via UPS 3 days later (Again, people giving 1 star reviews for late shipping on Christmas...grow the eff up, it's a courier issue not their issue, plus if your area is only signed up for Yodel delivery..go and talk to your parish/council to sort out depos for other companies).

I had the unfortunate scenario where I received a DoA headset..not Pixmania's fault, just a bad headset, the packaging was impeccable it was in a nice large sturdy corrugated box with plastic air pockets for shock absorb. I sent an RMA ticket in, they sent me an e-mail, I booked with UPS to pick up on the 1st of January and I am now sitting here with my £100 spent on the headset 7 days later during January when the returns rate is going to be mental.

I was first apprehensive about ordering from Pixmania after reading for the reviews, but they are honestly ID10T and user errors. If you have an issue, like I did, don't slap a one star review on a great company. Use their support lines, they always answer within 24 hours. Oh, forgot to mention, I saw some illiterate idiot saying "Bank transfers are fast, they take 3 days in the EU", please don't listen to him...international transfers can and might take up to 14 days to process., how do I know? I deal with international bank transfers on a daily basis and it is a pig, especially round December/January.

Edit: Mouse broke after two months of use, decided to just get a refund. The phone operator who I had was absolutely and I mean absolutely appalling. She was the most rude and aggressive person I have EVER had to deal with on a phone line in my life. I'll be honest, I was not happy about that after I received great service from their phone lines before. It seems like a few bad phone operators and support operators are causing you issues Pixmania, this needs to be addressed.
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    Reply from Pixmania

    Thank you for your review.
    I am glad that your experience on Pixmania is positive. I apologise for any issues that you had with the faulty headset in your last order.
    I invite you to contact me with your order details on emma@pixmania.com if you require any further assistance.
    Kind Regards
    Pixmania Mediator
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