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Awful customer service when things go wrong

I ordered an item - never arrived - contacted company and got standard answer which was incorrect cut and paste nonsense
I pressed company on why I never received my item and they eventually admitted the courier never even attempted delivery - did they even have it when they took my money ?
I then asked for them to send another and they said no we have to confirm we have received it back in our warehouse first - even though they knew it had never even been delivered
I then said I want my money back as the way they treated me was appalling - and again they said we need another 5 days to investigate, and no your not getting your money until we get our item back - even though they know they never even tried to deliver it in the first place
It has been 10 days now since the item was supposed to be delivered - all I want now is these jokers to give me my money back
I have also contacted my credit card company about their behavior and initiated a charge back
Avoid these at all costs - if things go well - all ok - if things go wrong expect the worst
true customer service and the quality of a company is judged when things go wrong - I hope people reading this take this into account - ignore comments about anything that arrived ok and take note of comments when things go wrong as good service in these situations is the sign of a true high quality company which Pixmania I'm afraid is definitely not.

They also put more effort into managing reviews on ratings sites than they do with their own customers on their own site - extremely cynical and pathetic.
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    Reply from Pixmania

    Thank you for your review. I am sorry that you item was not delivered. We try to ensure that all items are delivered by our couriers and if not an investigation will have to be opened.
    We will ask that our clients please be patient in the proceeding 5 days, while the investigation is in progress. The item may be delivered in this time or returned to us, this is why will wait before reimbursing or reshipping.
    I would be happy to look into your file and advise you directly and invite you to contact me on rachel@pixmania.com with your CCL number. Please note that should you have a chargeback on your card, we will be unable to refund you when the investigation is closed as it will block your reimbursement.
    Best regards,
    Pixmania Mediator
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