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Pixmania have improved their security

UPDATE: 2014-02-18

I can't speak to item one from my list below however Pixmania (the UK site at least) now use SSL for their login and account pages and they have removed the misleading security statements from the site.

This is good progress so I'm increasing the score however only to three stars as they were not responsive to my concerns and it's taken them a year to fix these problems.


1. They e-mailed me my password in plaintext indicating they do not store passwords securely
2. Their site does not use SSL so when you type your username and password in it is sent in the clear which is very bad news especially if you're connecting via an unsecured wireless network
3. The badges listed under "Award of Trust" are misleading and not related to trustworthyness at all.
4. The security statement on their Customer Commitment page stating the IMRG reviews the security and data protection credentials of their site is false - I checked this with IMRG.

Have requested comment from Pixmania on these items and the only response I get is "our e-mails are secured and we are protecting our customers data". Given the misleading statements on their site taking them at their word is the last thing I'll be doing.

Would definitely not recommend this site and have advised my father and a number of other people not to use it.
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    Reply from Pixmania

    Thank you for your review. I can assure you that any sensitive information is secured and we are protecting our client’s data. The issues that you have bought up in this email are issues that we are aware of and are currently being rectified by our IT department.
    Best regards,
    Pixmania Mediator
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