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I bought a scanner about a month ago. It works fine, but this is a really big fortune, because when I get it, it's box was reriously crashed, and it was opened, so it is a wonder I have every parts of it. In the other hand, they added somewhere in the order process a vipix card to my order, what is about £8. I can't return it, because the return feature just not working. Losing £8 is the smaller problem, the biggest is the fact they added it to my order automatically, what is seriously unacceptable to me! I'm really hate this kind of violent marketing, and I think I will send it back to pixmania included with a nice message about what I'm thinking about this.
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    Reply from Pixmania

    Hello Tamás,
    I have just read your review.
    I'm sorry to see that the packaging was damaged on delivery and the VIPix card was added to your order by mistake.
    We recommend damage parcels are refused & returned to our warehouse so a new replacement can be sent out. I'm glad that in this case the contents were ok.
    If the VIPix card isn't wanted, we can cancel this part of the order for a refund without you having to return the card.
    Please contact me on kate@pixmania.com as I would be happy to help.
    Best regards,
    Kate Pixmania
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