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Notwithstanding the history of bad reviews, Pixmania are working to improve their reputation.

Offering the best price anywhere for the items I wanted - a Synology NAS and two WD Red 3tb drives - I took the plunge and ordered from Pixmania. Usually I do my research beforehand and if I had, given the number of negative comments this company has received in the past, I think I would have been put off from using them.
Anyway the deed was done and by the next day I was pleased to see that the order was updated on my account as dispatched. Frustratingly, the tracking link shown just took me to a copy of my invoice. Keen to put my fears to rest I tried to call them to enquire as to why the link didn't direct me to a courier webpage. The call management is quite terrible - you have to go through a few menu options then enter your order number before being told you will be transferred to an operator - and I was informed that someone would be with me in 25 seconds. 25 minutes later and still on hold. I gave up and began to worry.
Trying a different approach I used the contact form on their website and emailed my concerns.
I must say at this point my experience changed. The response was swift and reassuring. My account was updated with a corrected link which took me directly to the courier's website - UPS - with full tracking details of the packages I had ordered. Delivery was on time and the items was well packaged with no sign of damage whatsoever.
All in all, I am pleased to be reporting a successful and excellent value transaction with Pixmania. I would recommend others to have a bit more faith in this company but can empathise with some of the concerns. It is clear that a lot of issues are being/have been addressed; though there is still a bit of work to be done. Internet reviews are an excellent way to hold companies to account for their mistakes but as consumers we need to be more measured in our comments and give companies a chance to change their reputations. I'm not suggesting that any of the negative comments I read were not correct, it's just that diatribes carry more power than recommendations and people are quicker to complain than praise.
If Pixmania scrap the call management software and actually answer the phone this would be another important step towards improving customer relations. There is perhaps still time to save Pixmania from being sold off or put in to administration but even if they do everything right from here on in it will be down to how much faith consumers are prepared to give this company. Bottom line: Would I use them again? Yes.
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    Reply from Pixmania

    Thank you for your positive review.
    I’m glad that you were pleased with the price and delivery. I apologise if you were unable to get through to our customer services.
    We aim to give the most efficient service possible to our customers and make sure that all customer queries are answered rapidly within 24 hours
    I invite you to contact me with your order details on emma@pixmania.com if you have any further questions as I would be more than happy to help you.
    Kind Regards
    Pixmania Mediator
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