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Your money, your risk!

Sometime in the past I had purchased from (or maybe just registered an account with) Pixmania so this time around the name was familiar to me and I didn't do my usual homework. I wish I had!!!

I ordered an item Express Delivery (24-48hrs) from Pixmania but it didn't arrive so I contacted the company. I didn't get a response within the 24hrs promised by the automated reply so I contacted them again. This time I did get a reply but only to say that the item was out of stock. When I asked how this could be the case when my online account showed that it was waiting to be delivered I, once again, received no reply.

I contacted them again and was given a standard reason why the error 'might' have occurred but no attempt was made to recompense me in any way. I told them that I wanted a full refund and asked for my account to be closed and my details removed from their database (and to have correspondence to that effect). Within 24hrs I received an email telling me that my account had now been closed. That was the quickest they had ever responded! However, when I tried to log-on I found that they were not telling the truth and that my account was still accessible and most of my details remained, including the order still 'waiting to be delivered'!!!

I am still waiting for my refund, of which there has been no confirmation at this point in time!

I've no doubt that many people have got, and will continue to get, their orders as promised but to have this many failures (read the other reviews PLEASE) is really not acceptable. A business performing like this should sort itself out quickly or go under!

Update: I have now been given confirmation that a refund has been issued (although it may take up to 4 working days to appear). However, once again it took several emails and threats of legal action to get this completed. At one point they informed me, by email, that they would be unable to confirm the refund as my account had been deleted! I had to point out to them that, as they obviously still had my email address, a lack of account would not appear to be a reason not to fulfil their responsibility. Some hours later the confirmation arrived as requested. I would like to praise them for finally completing the task but they really don't deserve it, I had to push them EVERY step of the way!

Good luck if you choose to buy from Pixmania but don't come back here and complain if you read these reviews first! (Although you obviously still must 😉) .

One final point (sorry to keep going on) but would you buy from eBay if the seller had less than a 99% positive rating? How about a less than 60% rating!!! Personally I don't think that the 'Acceptable' rating given by Trustpilot (for a score of 5.9 out of 10) is 'acceptable'.
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    Reply from Pixmania

    Thank you for your review.
    I am sorry for the issues you have had with your order and if you were disappointed with the service you have received.
    We try and make sure that all customer queries are answered rapidly within 24 hours that you are kept updated at all times on your orders progression.
    Please note that we have over 1 400 000 products on our site and try to ensure that each status is updated daily.
    I urge you to contact me with your order details on emma@pixmania.com so that I may investigate further into the issues you have had so that I may offer you an immediate solution.
    Kind Regards
    Pixmania Mediator
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