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DOWGRADED (unfortunately) NOT Perfect, would recommend this company

After a few weeks I have to change the report that I was so pleased to leave here for this company.

Long story short- we have placed a few orders from them. All was very good until an issue arose. I read some people were complaining from the after sale customer service but didn't think it would be me... One of the rads (expensive ones) arrived slightly damaged. They promised a replacement very quickly, I proposed to send photos etc- they didn't want them. I said it is out of the package now etc- no problem. So, I thought- the others are wrong. Until this morning, I was told the replacement will come today and I need to hand over the damaged one, I just chased the delivery and was advised that the exchange won't happen! The reason- 'We have been advised that the driver put the radiator against the wall on delivery, however the decorator that was there at the time was seen to drop the radiator onto pipe work.'

The truth is that I was personally here, we do not have decorators as we don't decorate the house and I asked the driver if he want some help, he said no and he put the rad inside the house himself (against a wall, true but with noone's help as there wasn't anyone around to do it). No pipes were there, nothing. So, this company is using not their couriers, I have spent well over £4-5,000 with them the last month and am a client.

What also is so bad is that they promised the replacement 8 days ago, I am staying home today to wait for them and they even did not bother getting in touch with me prior to today.

If someone of Plumbnation is reading this- I am a client, saying the truth and being really disappointed in the after sale service. You are letting your customers down badly!

Customers- bear in mind- if you have aftersales problem- tough luck!
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