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trustpilot stars

cheap, efficient, good bandwidth & allowance, nearly 100% reliable, quick customer service, but perhaps use own router!

I wouldn't say they're quite 100% perfect but there's no option for 4 & three quarters or 4 & a half stars out of 5!
We had a few teething problems but they were sorted out pretty quickly.
I particularly like their secure messaging area, where they reply to your queries (instead of communicating by e-mail, which is less secure).
I also particularly like their e-mailing us when we're approaching our monthly download allowance, very helpful & useful.
The overnight (midnight to 8am) unlimited download is very useful for downloading games overnight & using them later (my son says).
The option to pay extra £5 for no bandwidth restriction at peak times is a good idea & very honest of them. We don't find it necessary.
The option to pay extra £5 for going over month's £60GB by 5GB is useful occasionally - & there are other tariffs.
We've only had one period of internet loss in our year with them, & it was only a couple of hours late in the evening. The phone was also off then.
Generally very happy with them compared to previous internet providers. (ntl & Tiscali were awful, TalkTalk were OK but cost more, Primus were OK but we only had them for phone.)
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