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Poor customer service - WORST COMPANY I HAVE DEALY WITH

After reading the Which report I decided to change provide to Plusnet to save money - what a BIG MISTAKE !!!
Upgraded to Fibre so engineer came on their behalf to install the new fibre socket.
This was fine and upgraded speed on broadband was instant - FAB.
Except - what ever the engineer did it cut off the home line.

I contact PLUSNET after waiting 20 mins @ 14p / min from mobile as had no land line - and was told it was nothing to do with them as did not take over my phone line until 23/April and to contact BT.
BT confirmed there was a fault - and that if it was inside my property is woudl cost be £99 to fix.
Spoke to PLUSNET on several times and told that nothing to do with them.

Please think carefully before you switch to save a few pounds.
It was cost me this in telephones to them -- plus my blood pressure has gone through the roof !!
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