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Llandrindod Wells, GB

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Fantastic service

I originally signed up with Plusnet several years ago on a friend's recommendation (I think he's still with their sister company, Force9). Never a moment's trouble. Lucky enough to have a decent line to the exchange, so am now getting 19Mbits/sec on ADSL2+. Fast and reliable, although their default choice of ADSL router leaves a lot to be desired as the Thomson TG582n has the most diabolical wireless range I have ever encountered, not even achieving top speed when stood in front of the router! This is the only reason they're dropping a star here.

About two years ago I switched my phone service to Plusnet as well (kicking BT into touch after they charged me extra for not making enough calls) and not had any problems with that, either.

Highly recommended, far better than those charlatans at Tiscali (or whatever they call themselves these days, TalkTalk isn't it?) who ignored my cancellation email because it was "not a written form of communication" and got very "troublesome" when I cancelled the direct debit before they could grab the money.
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    Reply from Plusnet

    Thanks for the positive feedback Martin. Sorry to hear you don't think our router's up to scratch though.

    It seems wireless range is quite variable depending on the environment as I find the wireless range of the 582n to be quite adequate at home across 3 vertical floors. As you're undoubtedly aware though, you're free to use another router of your choosing if you'd rather source your own.

    Best regards,

    Bob Pullen
    Plusnet Digital Care.
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