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£30 pound cancellation fee!

1st their was a fault on the line.
Then they blamed BT while I could get through to the BT servers and site.
Then they said I had to deal with BT even though they chose to provide their service over BT lines (what am I paying them for)
Gave up and moved to cable
Then they attempt to charge a 30 pound cancellation fee (I refused, they backed down).

Even when it worked, after a the throttling kicked in, what was meant to have been a reasonable 1/4mb download speed actually became an unworkable 28kb speed.
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    Reply from Plusnet

    Sorry we let you down Lewis :(

    Our service is provided using BT Wholesale's network. If a physical fault develops on the line then it's BT Wholesale and Openreach who we need to enlist to help fix things. This is no different to any other supplier that uses BT Wholesale's network.

    The £30 charge covers the wholesale cost of ceasing and recovering your broadband circuit. It is not charged if a customer migrates to another ISP using a recognised migration process (which excludes cable). Again, we're not the only ISP to charge this. There's more information about cessation fees over on our website -

    Anyway, sorry to see you go and all the best with your new ISP.

    Best regards,

    Bob Pullen
    Plusnet Digital Care.
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