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No internet for days! And no sign of it going to be available.

I'm not the type who write review in general but for this one I make an exception.

4 days ago the internet was down and when I called I was told that there was a cable cut in the area. I was also told that I was one of the lucky ones because it's only the internet that's not working but my phone was still working. So I was promised 2 hours to 1 day and my internet would be up and running. I was also told that those who had both phone and internet not working would have to wait for 3 days.

Now 4 days later, my internet is still not working and my phone is dead. I had to call them using my mobile and waited for almost half hour.

The customer service person was not the best in explaining what I needed to do to test my phone line. I had to say I don't understand what he's asking me to do over and over. As if I would know where my main phone line is and understand what he meant by alternate line. When I finally got it and opened my phone socket to test the alternate line and the phone line is still not working, he asked if I used a spare phone. When I said no, I heard him sighing. As if I have extra money to buy a spare phone just in case I need it to test a phone line. It's ridiculous.

So now I need to wait until the phone is checked and I was told that if engineer comes to check the line, that I may be charged. I'm sorry but I got irritated immediately when he mentioned the word 'charged'. It doesn't make sense that I would be charged for any of this especially when I was initially told 4 days ago that there was a cable cut problem in my area.

And furthermore, the internet is still down, which means even if my phone is working now I still don't have internet. And he said "we are still working on it" but he doesn't know when it's going to be resolved. No timeline! Are they expecting us to wait forever?

They maybe cheap but this is not acceptable. Avoid while you haven't connected with them. I'd rather pay a bit more without this hassle. I'm currently looking for other alternative.

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    Reply from Plusnet

    Hi Jo,

    If there's physical damage to cabling in your area then we've a dependency on BT Openreach to repair it. Having said that, we shouldn't have set the expectation that the problem would be resolved in a matter of days if there was a chance that wouldn't be the case (sorry).

    The diagnostics we ask you to carry out are so that you don't get charged. We often have to send an Openreach engineer to your premises if there's a physical fault affecting the line. If the engineer arrives and finds the fault is due to your wiring or equipment i.e. your phone/extension cabling then we get charged quite a hefty sum for their time. We have little choice but to pass part of this charge onto customers. As long as you carry out the tests we ask of you then there's practically zero risk of this happening. If the Internet is down as well then there's probably little worth in you testing using an alternative phone.

    Some faults are complex, and can take a varying amount of time to resolve depending on the cause.

    Our Digital Care Team would be happy to take a look into things for you if you like? You'd just need to get in touch by sending a private message over on our Facebook page, dropping us a tweet @plusnet or posting over on our Community Site discussion forums.

    I hope your service is restored soon.

    Best regards,

    Bob Pullen
    Plusnet Digital Care.
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