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2 week wait, Noone showed up, Noone advised, no follow up after my complaint, Worse than the other providers, which is not easy to do

This is the 1st time I am writing a review about a company but after what I am experiencing with plus net I think I have to

I paid for a 1 month rolling contract with a 1st one off payment of over 100 pounds to get the installation done and the internet box. I book an appointment for the technician to come 2 weeks later (which is the earliest you can get !) and I had to book my last half day of holidays to wait for the guy

They had quite a large time slot to show up between 8am and 1pm (5 hours!) Nobody came. No phone calls, emails or text messages from Plus Net

After I wasted my remaining holiday for the year the guy called me at 3pm to say he just rang and I was not in my flat.

It's the second time this has happened to me with plus net. They debit you right away but then no news. 45 mins to get someone on the phone who tells you he will get his manager to call your back to discuss a refund and a compensation.

The manager did call me to offer a deal which I accepted but I asked for written proof or an email and I am still waiting to get a new appointment and a written confirmation

No doubt I will have to call them again and hold the line another 45 min

This is the worst service I have experienced so far. I am still waiting for my compensation (because the 1st failed appointment cost me my last vacation day and the 2nd appoitnment will be deducted from my salary)

People have jobs so when you give them a 5 hour time slot the leastyou can do is show up, even at the last minute, but not 3 hours later without warning the client !!!!

Internet providers offer a really bad service on average believe me I have tried many, but still Plus net managed to be much worse than the others, which is a feat really

I might change my review if I get a new appointment quickly, and if I get my internet installed properly with a refund for the installation cost as compensation for the waste of time and money.

If that happens I will come back to say that they at least showed good faith after delivering poor service

But I doubt they will so in the meantime, please avoid this company as it will only make you mad
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    Reply from Plusnet

    Hi there,

    A two week lead time is fairly standard for an Openreach appointment. If memory serves me correctly,they target themselves at 14 working days for a voice installation. That doesn't excuse the no show though.

    We are dependent on BT Openreach for service installation and it doesn't sound like we received notification of any delay either. Apologies nonetheless. They're our contractor after all and it's us you're paying to provide you with a service.

    Might be worth you sending a private message over on our Facebook page, dropping us a tweet @plusnet or posting over on our Community Site discussion forums so we can check everything's progressing as it should.

    Best regards,

    Bob Pullen
    Plusnet Digital Care.
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