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Worst customer services ever!

Been with plusnet for 2 years and found them great on price but customer service is horrendous. 30-60 min wait to get through on the phone to them and then further waiting whilst being transferred to other departments. I have moved house twice whilst I have been with them and they managed to mess it up both times. I was left waiting 10 days to be connected last time and am now on day 7 and have just cancelled my contract after being told it will be next week before they can get an engineer to me. I have been told twice this week that an engineer would call on Thursday and then when he didn't show I was told one wasn't even booked! After saying I wanted to cancel I was told I would have charges to pay as it is now more than 48 hrs after my move date and that if I don't pay they will send debt collectors. So that's sign up for new contract- don't receive the service but receive promises that an engineer will call, taking me over the 48hr cool off period and then discover they hadn't even booked the engineer and will charge me for a service I never received plus a cancellation fee. The worst customer services experience ever!
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    Reply from Plusnet

    Hi Chris,

    Really sorry about the issues you've encountered with us. I can see we've addressed this with you directly via our Facebook page so we'll continue to respond to you through there.

    I hope to see this get resolved soon.

    Adam - Plusnet Digital Care Team
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