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AWFUL. Don't bother, go with a larger, reputable company.

It's been 9 weeks since I paid up front to connect to Plusnet's broadband service. I still have NO INTERNET. They sent the router the week before last, and all seemed well, only to be told since that it will take until January to sort out due to "capacity issues at your local exchange" - basically passing the buck to BT. I've asked for a refund several times only to be told that I have to do this over the phone, or by snail mail. Phoning is pretty much pointless - it takes easily an hour on hold each time to get through to a human being. Emailing them via their "ask a question" section in the help pages is also fairly pointless, it takes them about a week to reply each time, and nothing is ever addressed.
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    Reply from Plusnet

    Sorry to hear about the issues you've mentioned. Please feel free to send us a private message through our Facebook page or over on our community site at with your username if you still need help from us with this issue.

    Adam Walker
    Plusnet Digital Care Team
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