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sooo frustrating

This is cheap - but that's as it should be as I am constantly having to WAIT for the internet to sluggishly load. Sometimes it won't load and recently I've had to load 'basic gmail' as the usual just won't load!
The only speedy things with plusnet are their emails constantly telling me I'm going over my internet and phone usage allowance and they will have to charge extra - hmm - maybe not so cheap after all.
I'm currently fed up and looking for something way more reliable.
    TrustScore 2.3 / 10
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    Reply from Plusnet

    Hi Mandy,

    Really sorry to hear about this. Please feel free to send us a private message with your username over on our Facebook page or our community site forms at and I'll do my best to help you.

    Adam Walker
    Plusnet Digital Care Team
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