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Is there any vetting of staff at all

In brief i have started using the post office a lot to send samples and sale goods.
Too much stuff is going missing to different places all over the country.
People I have dealt with for years say they have not received stuff.
The post office sends a totally illegible proof of delivery or you download it yourself and it is so jerky and unreadable it could my signature and I could not recognise it.
But that is it end of claim.
You should not have to send everything you post by an expensive traceable, signed and trackable service.
I will be looking for other couriers.

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Source for all postal workers and employees for postal news, postal forums, postal resources, postal benefits, and much more! Letter carriers, clerk craft, mail handlers, rural carriers, postal managers, postal supervisors, postmasters and all other postal employees are welcome. We offer postal news, post office news, postal service news, letter carrier and clerk craft news as well as news for all postal employees. We also offer thank you cards for letter carriers and rural craft carriers. Postal products. Postal benefits. Postal resources.

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