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Budget Calendars

I bought some groupon vouchers for 2for1 calendars.
I had issues with my computer and the company allowed me extra time to complete my order. Thank you for that !
2 x flip calendars and a CD style calendar.
The website was fairly easy to navigate around but took a while to get used to and was frustrating at times because some of my photos wouldn't fit into the area they allow.
The calendars were despatched very quickly but i have to agree with one of the reviews below.
The quality is not great for the main calendars although as a budget buy is acceptable and I am sure any grandparent etc would be thrilled to have one of the family. The envelope packaging wasn't robust enough to protect the calendar fully so there was a little crease and bent area on arrival.
The Cd calendar was lovely, no problems with cracks or anything and the pages were of better feeling paper.
All pictures printed quite nicely.
Would I use the company again ? ...... YES I think i would for a quick stocking filler present. If I wanted a special occasion calendar then I would probably shop elsewhere.
For the money though I am very happy.
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