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Dear or dear where do I start? After my iPhone 4 was stolen on a night out, I phoned protect your bubble the next day and explained to them what had happened. After listening to what had happened they advised me to fill in a claim form, they would email to me. Fair enough... this was what I done.
I received an email around a week later stating that my claim "could not be authorised" because I hadn't reported the theft to my network provider within 12 HOURS (considering my phone was stolen around 3am) and considering I had work the next day, this was impossible. I appealed the decision and won. This is where it really gets amusing. They contacted me to tell me they had no IPhone 4's in stock and offered me an upgrade to an IPhone 4's for an extra £100 (which took the cost to £200, including the £75 excess fee and 2 months payments because you have to be with them a minimum of 12 months for them to replace it) I explained I couldn’t afford another £100 and asked for an IPhone 4, instead of the 4s. They explained that they would have to contact the dreaded "stock team" and would get back to me...
I waited and waited with no contact from them.
I phoned up a week later and asked if there had been any updates from the stock team, to which they explained an update had come in, and they didn’t know why no one had contacted me!
The update was that they could offer me an upgrade to an IPhone 4S (which I turned down a week ago) I explained that I had already been offered this and I had turned it down.
They then insisted they would contact me when an IPhone 4 came into stock...............
Over a week later, I received an email stating that they could not take payment for my excess fee and that I was to contact them. Upon checking my bank online I realised there was funds available for them to take the excess fee and phoned them up wondering what was going on this time.
The woman on the phone (who happened to be the same person I spoke to the week before, stated that they had tried to take £200 for the "upgrade I agreed to last week"!!!?
I explained that I had not agreed to the upgrade and she insisted that I HAD asking me if "I could not remember" agreeing to it.
After all this I then had to wait another 2 weeks without any contact and so I phoned up angrily about 2 weeks later and demanded to speak to a manager. I waited on hold for one for around 5 mins and the woman came back on the phone telling me none were available..
She told me the manager would phone me back... she didn’t.
The following Monday guess what arrived a "shiny" new IPhone 4. I say "shiny" with sarcasm. The phone was scratched on the back and arrived in a little brown box. When I took the phone out the IPhone was all steamed up and felt wet. Upon turning it on and setting it up I realised the camera wasn’t working properly and all the photos looked faded and washed out, probably because the phone was a little wet inside. After a few days and not wanting another thing to do with protect your bubble, I cancelled the direct debit (they were not getting another penny off me!) I decided to contact Apple and ask about the IPhone cameras problem as the phone had dried out and looked a little better. Apple could not help me as when they took the IPhone serial number, they stated that the IPhone was registered to someone else, it "wasn't new" and had "alot of history". Basically Protect Your Bubble had sent me a second hand IPhone!

I'm not going to contact Protect Your Bubble regarding this as frankly I couldn't go through all the hassle with them again.

Please learn from this and don’t use protect your bubble!!!!!
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    Reply from Protect your bubble

    Hi Richard

    I am sorry to see that you have not been communicated to well. It goes without saying that this is not the service we would expect you to receive. I appreciate your comment that you would not like to speak to us, and understand that, but we value your feedback and will always use feedback from our customers to improve the service that we offer.

    I can be contacted at matt.reid (at) if you would like to.

    On the phone you were sent, although it seems that the handset was not of a suitable standard, we do replace on a "like for like" basis. Handsets should be high quality replacements though, but it sounds like this handset should not have been issued if there was a fault with it.

    Our apologies again for your slow processing of the claim, and bad communication. As mentioned, I am happy to discuss with you directly if you do want to drop me a line.

    Matt Reid, Protect your bubble
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