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Love the airline, but don't use their Copenhagen office

Qatar Airways provides a premium service at an affordable price.
Unfortunately their supervisor at the Copenhagen office doesn't know what service means. I mailed them a request for a flight at a specific rate/date and instead of getting and nice reply with an alternative routing/price I got a reply that in short said: that if I didn't have the money to book the flight on that day I spotted the price/option I could always call them an arrange for a payment solution.
After doing so searching in their flights I found almost the same flight but with 27 hours transit instead of 23hours at the same price. Any good ticket agent should have offered such a solution instead of an insult.
And when I commented on their way of replying I was told their "tell us"-deparment would look into the matter - unfortunately I never heard from them.
Sad to see a good airline drawn down by poor service :(
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