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Refund Deductions - Steep P&P - £11 Down The Drain

I brought 1 pair of work trousers last week from QTag which were in the wrong size. Qtag's ridiculous, pointless policy is no sending items back in exchange for the correct size.

So, I sent it back (note; using £5 P&P RECORDED - stupid post office worker) and resubmitted my order in the correct size. *SIGH*
Total amount again came up to £21.62 including P&P, just like with the first transaction. Days later, I got refunded via PayPal to the sum of £15.62.

Now I'll think twice about purchasing from them again.
If I'm to return, (A BIG IF) I'll have to be cautious not to make wrongful purchases as they will deducted a whopping amount for returns. Nah forget it because it costs more in P&P for multiple items.

A good thing I didn't purchase two of em in incorrect sizes at once that time.

Never again!
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