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Serves a purpose should you require EMERGENCY funds

If you need money quickly - These are the people to contact.

I have used this company a couple of times over the last year - Each time due to a lack of funds in my bank account meaning I would potentially incur expensive overdraft and unpaid item charges.

The money went into my bank account within 10 minutes and was taken out via direct debit on the specified payday.

The downside however:-

Since I registered with this company - I received many texts asking me if I wanted to 'extend' the loan (For a fee)

I also started receiving random texts from other company's offering me a loan (I'm assuming this company has shared my details)

Finally, Beware the extremely high interest rates and ensure you have funds to pay the loan back.

Overview - Great for an emergency short term loan - Beware the interest and sales pitch afterwards.
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