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very bad service

since shortly after xmas i am trying to get my bank details changed as the bank detail in the system are no longer valid.
this has been an ordeal for me and still the details haven't been updated.
i received spam mails telling me it has been updated when in fact the details have not been changed at all.
i have been penalized by staff telling me that the fault is not with them but with my bank, even though the same problem happened with a different account. still i contacted my banks and they confirmed that my accounts are fine & that there had be no communication between my account and QuickQuid.
I spent about 50 Pounds so far by calling because i do not have a landline and needed to call via my mobile & i didn't know that chat was an option.
January 1st I have been promised that this has been forwarded to management, that it will be dealt with and that i will receive a call back within 48hours.
I received no call back so far and it has been 16 days now!!!
so i now contacted via chat & the changes still can not be done and again i have been told it will be dealt with within 48hrs & i am not conviced that this will change anything.
I wanted to take up a loan and it has been made impossible to do so
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