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Used to be Good Now They're Just Terrible

I've been a memeber for over 2 years. 2 Years ago they were great, everything got tracked, I got paid, everyone was happy. Now, NOTHING is tracking, every single thing I have to write a claim for it which is an absolute joke http://vvcap.net/db/FhaORrrauF5JDbbzcV8P.htp and that's not even HALF of them.

They also seem to be pretty big on letting scammers advertise on their website. Two offers I went for and the website closed down a week later, no cashback paid even though I deposited (I think it was £5 deposit for £15 cashback)

You can't even post BAD reviews on these scamming websites as you have to wait for the review to me moderated and then it just gets declined if you don't say how "awesome" it was.

What's pissed me off for the last time is I was with my same bank for over 6 years and was moving away from home so needed a new bank. Didn't care who with so went on Quidco for the highest cashback. Was Santander. Guess what? Opened up an account, use it every single day. CASHBACK DECLINED.

Joke of a website I will be now looking elsewhere.
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