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Missing cashback blamed on 'other' cookies - doesn't add up. Beware

I have been a user of quidco for some time and whilst it was all very good in the beginning - I am finding that more and more transactions do not track. You have to check EVERYTHING - so if you want the cashback be prepared to WORK.

Often claims are declined because the cashback has been paid through 'other channels' quidco blame this on other cookies on your computer being 'stronger' than theirs - I clear my cache regularly so do not believe this is true in anyway. The other channel quoted as claiming my cashback with one retailer - is one I have never even visited as a site.

Another retailer advised that they had paid my cashback through an affiliate of quidco - therefore someone affiliated with quidco had tracked and had the cashback but I never saw it. When I queried this with quidco the transaction was suddenly tracked through my quidco account - despite the fact that when I had been chasing it weeks earlier - quidco had no record of the transaction.

The retailer has kindly paid me the cashback directly but this doesnt change the fact that quidco and their affiliates are ALWAYS tracking the cashback and ALWAYS getting paid it but many do not make it to the consumer. Every cash back I have chased up with a retailer direct have always been paid - I just never see the money.

Simply put they and their affiliates are creaming off a percentage of the cashbacks paid and keeping it for themselves and fobbing customers off with rubbish.

I am still waiting for quidco support to get back to me on this - they never answer the full query and never read what I have put and answer the actual question.

In the last correspondence I asked for the MD's name and contact details - did I get them - no - just a general address. Vague and unhelpful so far.
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    Reply from Quidco

    Hi Sarah,

    We are currently in discussion with you via your formal complaint and we will keep you updated via that.

    Thanks, Quidco
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