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Poor Service and refuse to come out even though all family on the policy!

Been with the RAC for over 6 years and not used them for a long time , used them twice overall. Myself, father and sister are all on full cover.
My sister was driving her car and hit the kerb which gave her a flat tyre at night and she could not get the wheel off to replace, As it was on a busy road at night and a lone female who was in a panic and crying. She contacted myself and her father to tell us that the RAC have refused to come out as it is classed as an accident and not a breakdown. They put her in touch with their partners (Quindell motors) who now work with the RAC regarding crashes, These also refused to help.
I contacted the RAC and they said we did not have full cover, only my father did, even though we all have cards showing full cover since 2006. I got angry with customer services and they put me on hold and once they returned we all were covered and they could not explain why they left my sister in the middle of nowhere and refusing to help! then they put me on hold again, and said it is because she had a accident to which I replied "rubbish, you are a joke! " They said it is classed as a crash so their policy states not allowed help as its not a breakdown! hmm if the car gets a flat tyre and cannot move it,, id class it as a breakdown!
I have told them that I will be closing my account for good and complaining to Watchdog about their so called policy and asked to close my account right this instant!!
The reply was they cannot log a complaint or close my account as the customer services is now closed , as this is the breakdown service.
The RAC say its not their fault the way my sister was treated over the phone because it was their partners (Quindell motors) manager she spoke to and not the breakdown manager she had spoken to that night.
RAC pass you onto these muppets if there is a crash and a blame!!(Quindell motors 5 year contract with RAC)
There was no Crash!!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, I will now leave them and go elsewhere as it was dangerous to leave a lone female at night on a busy road and just Bull*** her about policy to avoid any form of help!!
Addison Lee and Carlyle, which owns breakdown firm RAC and health food chain Holland and Barratt , so I will not be shopping there either anymore! The second item for a penny is bull as well , be warned! check out the prices!
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