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RIP OFF! Take advantage of anyone who shops online

Please please do not buy anything from REDSAVE.COM, they as ask you to save money by presenting their products as having average savings but they prey on the fact that most people click through once they are in the 'Basket' screen.
Most people just check the price and the Delivery charge, but just below there is another item which signs you up to £19.95 per month subscription charged to your payment method.
This is perfectly legal as they state thay they will do this, they purposly keep the prices and savings average rather than deep savings to lull people in (If everything was 50% you would smell a rat) and then they hope you dont check your credit or debit card statements (Luckily I do and caught it after just one payment).

Why is this a rip off?
- Would you pay £19.95 per month to save a few pounds off Gadgets?
- You would have to spend Hundreds per month just to make the saving worth while.

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