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Run Away !!!!!!!!!!! Avoid at all costs !!!!!!!

I ordered three items from Redsave prior to Christmas based on the promise of 3 to 5 working day delivery being advertised on the web site when I ordered the goods so thought they should be there in good time.
The confirmation e-mail then stated 5 to 10 working days !! Not what I had signed up for at all. I then e-mailed them to request confirmation of delivery and got nothing back, I then asked for an immediate refund and then lo and behold received an e-mail to say the goods had been posted. My children are autistic so you can imagine the pressure that I am under for specific items.
I received two of the items I ordered. They wrote on the invoice that accompanied them that they had refunded the cost of the missing item, a Barbie House for £38.72. I have e-mailed them on numberous occasions to date and they have still not refunded this amount to me.
I sent a cancellation e-mail to them the same day regarding the extra cost of the membership which was well within the days allowed for cancellation and they still took £19.95 from my account in January.
My advice to you is if you have ordered anything from them and are thinking like me that you have cancelled any potential subscription rip off issue by sending the e-mail, do what I did and cancel your card or they will take the money and will argue the fact that they have done so legitimately.
I have to date not received back either the refund of the cost of the Barbie House, £38.72 or the additional £19.95.
I am a single mum of three children and I work hard every day to earn money for my family so I don't have to rely on benefits. I cannot afford to lose any money let alone nearly £60.00.
They ought to be closed down they are so fraudulent. Hold onto your money folks and don't even go here.
They do not answer the phone and never reply to e-mails except for the first one threatening to cancel your order. How is that the action of a legitimate business.
Stick to Argos and Toys R Us at least they have good customer service and do actually refund you for non issue of goods and replace items and don't leave your children distressed.
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