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Book one type of car and get something completely different!!

Beware - this car hire broker consider a Toyota Camry 'similar' to a Dodge Charger because they are both 'full size' cars!!

When searching for a car to hire in Canada for two weeks, I spotted a Dodge Charger 'or similar', via, from Thrifty, so I blew my budget and paid extra money for the opportunity to drive something State-side and agreed to pay almost £500 for two weeks hire. I placed a deposit last month and received a confirmation stating that I had booked a Dodge Charger 'or similar'. then took the remaining money off my credit card this week and sent me a confirmation for a booking for a Toyota Camry 'or similar'.

When I complained they said :
"Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience but it would appear that the supplier may have had a change in their fleet from when you originally booked.

Please note that we also do not guarantee make or model of vehicle. Therefore even though you may have originally booked for a Dodge Charger or similar, it was never guaranteed that the vehicle given on the day of your arrival was going to be that"

So they are prepared to take the money for a Dodge Charger or similar (which is more expensive than if I'd booked a Toyota Camry or similar in the first place) but not prepared to give me one and not offer me at least the difference in hire cost.

They're prepared to take my money but not prepared to warn me first that what I was paying for was no longer available.

So lets examine what their definition of similar is shall we?

Dodge Charger - 3.6L V6 292BHP 5 speed semi-auto rear wheel drive
Toyota Camry - 2.5L 169BHP 6 speed manual front wheel drive

But because they are both classed as 'full size' cars, my booking has been bumped from one to another with no notification and no price change.

And because I paid a deposit for the Dodge Charger, I now have a cancellation charge of over £60 if I don't want to pay more than everyone else for my Toyota Camry

Shoddy way to be treated and I will NEVER use these people again.

This is a case of comparing apples and pears and being told they're the same because they're both fruit!
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