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very poor service

wish to complain out the service I have had from your company, I paid the fee to have my washing machine repaired,
9th August an engineer called, I HEARD NOTHING.. I rang
15th August and was told parts were on order
20th August engineer rang and said he had only just got approval and he would order the parts,
The parts took ages according to the engineer this is because he is only allowed to order from 1 supplier and the parts were out of stock
6th Sept parts arrived and machine taken away for repair
10th Sept machine returned and leaked,
11th Sept I rang to complain, you gave me the number for the engineer directly and called and left 3 messages
14th Sept machine broke down again !!
23rd Sept I rang and complained again, and requested a refund
25th engineer called and repaired machine , despite working it still leaks, again I have left messages with the engineer and he hasnt responded,
The service received has been appalling, I still have a washing machine that leaks that didnt leak before the repair I would appreciate a refund.
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