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trustpilot stars are worse than the conmen they endorse

I posted a truthful and accurate review of on how their client The Watch Lab ruined my £12,000 18 carat gold Baume & Mercier watch with an overpriced, incompetent and botched repair that left my watch unusable.

Within an hour of it appearing The Watch Lab had the listing removed and refuse to reinstate it. make several million pounds a year pure profit from the "negative review" "admin fees" they charge their clients. They'll probably deny this so then explain to me, if users don't pay you and the companies listed on your site don't pay you where does your £2.5 million annual profit come from?

Google AdSense? Please don't make me laugh. I control 7 million monthly unique visitors and although I used to make a small fortune when the rev share started at 50/50, Google's current revshare of 97.5/2.5 to them ("because we can, we're Google!) means that out of a £16 click for secured loans I'm lucky if I get 20p out of the click.
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