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Unprofessional company who cant treat there customers fairly.

To whom this may concern,
I am very dissatisfied and disappointed with your recruitment process,I applied for a job at the meadowhall store which was a Temp Sales Advisor 16/20 Hours (Mon-Sun 11am-8pm) (ref.RISASSP-GZL2-TUPR),after I applied a few days afterwards i got an email asking if i could make and appointment for an interview.The Recruitment Event should of taken place on Tue, 27 Nov 13:00.On the 20th November i received an email saying :

Re: Sheffield Meadowhall - Temp Sales Advisor 16/20 Hours (Mon-Sun 11am-8pm)
Dear Toni-lea
Thank you for your recent interest in for River Island.
The position you have applied for has now been filled.
Please look out for future vacancies and re-apply.
Kind Regards
Human Resources.
Since i applied for a interview on the 27th which is my mums birthday which i was ment to attend a meal at 12:45,for the bookings i had to ask my dad to cancel my place within the family meal.I find it real unprofessional that the place's have been filled without every one being interviewed that was promised an interview.Being told I could no longer have a interview for this I am not able to spend my mums birthday with her because all the the tables are now fully booked.This is all your fault due to your unprofessional HR staff.After all of this because my family means everything to me, to miss this day was very important and I now refuse to step into your store,Tell people how unprofessional you are and i will give a bad reference about this until I am satisfied that you have done something to make up for my loss.You have lost a very valuable customer since I'v bought quite a lot of your products if not all of mine.
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