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Someone made a boo-boo

We ordered a tablet as a birthday gift, and early in the morning, very soon after ordering it was despatched and we were given a date when it would be delivered.
On the scheduled delivery day we received a text message to say that it would be delivered by Interlink Express between 0834 and 0934, which pleased us enormously.
However my husband noticed an Interlink van go straight past our house and suggested that he might get the car out and go after it.
I disuaded him, saying that it would be back in due course. However after a little while we saw the van shoot past in the opposite direction!
We went to the computer and went into 'trace' mode and discovered that the package was annotated as having been delivered!
We immediately called the courier company who told us that the package had been left in the shed at the address on the package. At this point it should be pointed out that the address on the package was wrong and not the one we had given to the supplier or the one that had appeared on their emails.
The courier company contacted the driver and made arrangements to get the package to us, which duly happened.
When the driver arrived with us, we asked him why the package had been deignated as 'signed for' had been left in a shed. He said that his company left it to his discretion to decide whether it was safe to leave a package un-signed for!!!!!
This was not the answer we had hoped to receive, so we contacted the suppliers and told them that we were not happy that £300 worth of goods had been left in a shed at the wrong address.
It transpires that someone in the despatch department had done a post code search and just stuck on the package an address that came up. - It had our house name, but additional confusing information that was incorrect.
The long and short of ii is that a number of people were at fault.
1. The company from which we bought the goods were negligent in addressing the package wrongly.
2. The courier company should not have left the package in a shed when it was supposted to be signed for.
....And the driver admitted that he had delivered items to us before, but did not take any notice of our house name on the package - preferring to accept the erroneous bit.
We were very fortunate in that we saw the courier drive past, and had the good sense to check the tracking and do something about it immedialtely.
We are delighted with the goods and the speed at whcih they were despatched, but shudder to think what might have happened had we not been so alert!!!!
BE WARNED by our experience
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